Algol de Victor

Eldritch Society Lorekeeper


Master Hierometrician, Historian, Occultist and Researcher.

Expert in a variety of languages, including ancient Atlantean, Aklo, Tcho-Tcho, Muan and Sumerian. 

Adept in Academics, Etiquette, Ikebana, Angelology, Monadology


Algol de Victor is the Eldritch Society Lorekeeper and trainer of promising academics within the Olympus Arcology Chapter House. His cool demeanour contrasts with his untiring efforts to help the Tagers "in his charge" to accomplish their mission. As an associate professor at the Third University of Olympus, his obsessive work habits merge easily with his dedication to the Eldritch Society and personal desire to see the Chrysalis Corporation torn limb-from-limb.

He barely acknowledges Dhomochevsky because their work routines rarely intersect but still respects the man for his sacrifices to the cause. 

Algol de Victor

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