Black Pepper

Alluring Secret Agent


She moves like flowing mercury, and her hair dances like liquid ink. Her blue eyes look even more exotic in her softened asian face, and something glints in them that may be a hint of danger…or an invitation to adventure. She wears blacker-than-black fuligin PVC spectral camouflage robes, usually has some sort of smart seeker pistol concealed within them, and only her alabaster skin gives her presence away. When she wanders, people die; where she stops, things explode; and when she speaks her words are heard at the highest echelons of power. Who does she represent?

Smart, sophisticated and eminently capable, Black Pepper rides the shadows and appears in strange places, ready to kill or save according to her masters’ wishes, her only conceit an undying hatred (and perhaps fear of?) the secret agent known as Red Pepper.

Agility 7/9 Intellect 6 Vitality 30/45
Strength 5/9 Presence 9 Orgone 3
Tenacity 5/7 Perception 6 Actions 3/5

Combat: Dodge 4, Fighting (Ninjitsu) 4, Marksman 3

Skills: Stealth 5, Security 2, Misdirect 3, Persuade 4, Observation 3, Athletics 3, Cultures 4 (Corporate, Death Shadows, High Society, Intelligence), Languages 4 (Aklo, Malfean, Tsath-yo, Japanese), Psychology 1, Occult 3.

Special Qualities: Alluring 1, Authority 2, Elite 4, Fast 2, Sexy Voice 1, Nemesis/Foe 2 (Red Pepper), Damaged 2, Dark Secret 3, Obsessive 1 (PC).

Black Pepper

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