Dr Adams

Clever Dhohanoid Bioweapons Researcher


Dressed in casual lab clothes or sometimes a Biohazard suit, Dr Adams is never far from his work. And his work involves some rather nasty pathogens and chimerics, for which he is handsomely paid by the NEGA. Despite being a Dhohanoid Dr Adams is almost the reverse of an infiltrator; his contempt for other people is masked only by his shrewd political maneuvering. Glass didn’t realize he was a Dho because he’s the caricature of an uncaring scientist. She didn’t think any Dho would be that obvious.

Executed point-blank by Sweep after his utility had diminished.


The doctor is ruthless, scheming, rational and highly inventive. He’s rigged the entire lab with booby-traps and has a lot of knowledge and items to bargain with. Of course, he’ll cut and run for the arms of Chrysalis first chance he gets.

Dr Adams

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