Spectre Tager in K-Cell on 9JO


Glass is slim but tough-looking, with a jagged haircut, black-grey urban camouflage electronic warpaint on her face and a cute but predatory face.

In human form she appears to be wearing some sort of military stealthsuit and wielding an SM-14 Heavy Submachinegun for close urban fighting. She’s also got a lot of blades slung across her body, and appears to have sustained a few bites and slashes from something.

A cooly rational Spectre Tager with the ability to become insubstantial, to freeze people and objects with the merest touch, and the Limit Weapon of Explosive Materialization. She’s just single-handedly taken out a Blizzard mecha.

Agility 7/10 Intellect 5 Vitality 44/52
Strength 6/9 Presence 5 Orgone 10
Tenacity 6/8 Perception 5/8 Actions 2/4

Combat: Dodge 3, Fighting (Tager Ninjitsu) 3, Marksman 2

Skills: Technician 3, Engineering 3, Observation 2, Stealth 2, Military 2, Athletics 2, Cultures 3 (eldritch society, intelligence, military), Ordnance 2, Pilot Powered Armour 1.

Harron Gotfeldt is her real name. Her degree is in Biophotonic Engineering and her current MOS is Field Engineer.


Glass has just gone through a harrowing experience in escaping Fort Nishima on 9JO during the invasion of the Shan Templeship. Having witnessed her soldier friends and even a member of her Tager pack turn on each other, she’s been continually awake for more than 24 hours and has been fighting for most of that time. Consequently she is not in a forgiving mood and is doing her best not to break down completely.


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