Young Jeffrey

Eager & Daring Journalist for the Chicago Post


Jeffrey Haines, enamored with seeking out the truth and exposing injustice, bit off a mite more than he could chew when he followed Professor Rompuy & Co. into a haunted mansion in Chicago one ill-starred evening. Since that eye-opening episode he has joined the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight and vowed to fight the corruption within the heart of the NEG and human society. His crusade has brought him here, to 9JO and into the teeth of the madness instigated by the Army of the Third Eye and their enemies, the Insects from Shaggai.

He made sure to bring plenty of dynamite.

Jeffrey is a handsome, young Nazzadi lad, with spiky white hair, lizardskin tailcoat exposed at the midriff, torn shoulder cuffs and other strategically-revealed muscle areas to show off his tight body. He drives the women (and some men) crazy, but has no time for shenanigans anymore. A loyal form of bravery to Professor Rompuy has replaced his earlier, glib charm.


Young Jeffrey

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