Mirage Tager, A-Cell Olympus Arcology


McGregor is tough and hard-working police woman in her day job and a menacing holy warrior at night.She transforms into a Mirage tager that has a blue-black shadowy cloak enveloping her.

Rumour has it she was tortured by Chrysalis the previous year and barely escaped with her life, and hasn't quite been the same since. 

She has been tapped on the shoulder by the Consistory to resolve any problems between tager packs within the Olympus arcology, and seems to relish the role. 

Physically McGregor is a fast and tough, though not strong or brilliant, mulatto woman about 5'10" in height and about 145 lbs. Her hair is plaited into corn rows or sometimes close-cropped, almost shaved. 

You doubt whether any but the strongest-willed man would be able to tackle her in bed, and it seems she shows little interest in a personal life of any kind. 



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