Miri Nigri

Nasty Sliced-Up Multidimensional Servitors


Miri Nigri look like black-blue, 8’ tall humanoids with long tentacles for a head, tripod legs. They often have multiple body parts sliced off by their dimensional phase existence, so to a human observer they look disjointed with parts like arms, legs or tentacles missing or separated by several feet of empty air. The parts that are sliced show their internal organs, tissues and connective vessels, and their ichor and blood flow as normal.

They are obviously Mythos creatures from a higher plane of existence.

Agility 5 Intellect 3 Vitality 56
Strength 12 Presence 0 Orgone 10
Tenacity 7 Perception 11 Actions 2

Combat: Dodge 4d+5, Fighting 3d+5, Weapons 2d+5
Damage: Slice Reality 2d + Insanity (13), Tentacle Vortex (0d, entangle), Head Stinger 1d + poison (15, madness)
Damage Bonus: +2d
Armour: 1/0; Kinetic Ward (40 points)
Skills: Athletics 2, Observation 2, Technician (Arcanotech) 2, Medicine (multiphase surgery) 3.
Specials: +4 strike if inverted, swarming tactics

Miri Nigri are a very unpleasant otherdimensional servitor race of the Shan, part-humanoids who have been lobotomized by the Insects from Shaggai to be their robots and temporary hosts. Temporary because the miri have such degenerated neural structures that the Shan hate inhabiting them and often leave for better host bodies. Without a host Miri Nigri are stupid but vicious, though occasionally docile as well.


Miri Nigri

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