Red Pepper

GIA GhOST Operative


What flies, has 4 arms and is red all over? Why it’s—bang! You’re dead! Too late, you’ve been set upon by one of the New Earth Government’s best specialists in cult extermination, the feared, exceptionally-skilled and relentless Red Pepper! When she’s not parachuting into cultist compounds to rescue prisoners or mauling Dagonite breeders in long-lost villages, she’s pacing the halls of the Scalpel, the Global Intelligence Agency’s headquarters in the Oympus arcology, impatiently waiting for her next assignment.

There’s only one person who has stood against Red Pepper in the full fury of her righteousness: the elusive Black Pepper. What tangled secrets hold these two sisters of sabotage together?

Agility 7 Intellect 7 Vitality 35
Strength 6 Presence 7 Orgone 5
Tenacity 6 Perception 6 Actions 2/4

Combat: Dodge 3, Fighting (Wing Chun) 4, Marksman 3

Skills: Security 3, Misdirect 2, Persuade 2, Observation 3, Military 2, Athletics 4, Cultures 3 (Intelligence, Military, Government), Psychology 3, Occult (Cults) 4, Survival 2.

Special Qualities: Alluring 1, Authority 2, Commendation 1, Fearless 2, Latent Parapsychic (Gravikinesis), Code 2 (restrictive), Jealous 1, Nemesis/Foe 2 (Black Pepper) 2, Short Fuse 2, Phobia (knives) 2.

Red Pepper

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