The Shrike

A Modified Dhohanoid Tager-Killer, Mark I


Combines superior regeneration with high maneuverability and a deadly Manifold Blade that can cut train carriages in half. You know that “katana that can cut a tank in half”? She’s got one, except it’s a folding boomerang powered by the sun.


Inside this vicious monster is a little girl of 8 years named Natomi, who was brainwashed, turned into a Dhohanoid by the Ritual of Transmogrification, then implanted with cybernetic armour and weapons to hunt down and kill Tagers. Now beneath layers of plasteel-reinforced flesh and symbiotic claws, nothing of the little girl remains…probably.

Deceased. Killed by Q-Cell attempting to complete mission on board the Trans-Pacific Express.

The Shrike

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