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  • NEG

    The New Earth Government is the unified political governing body for all humans and human-allied Nazzadi on Earth and within the solar system. The NEG's political system could be described as a liberal democracy with some police-state tendencies operating …

  • Task Force Mercury

    Special rapid-reaction military-civilian team formed to quickly infiltrate into Anchorage (Juneau) and retrieve a potent artifact which became lost during the Migou conquest of the arcology. h3. Mission Objectives * Retrieve artifact - an Ainu …

  • Red Pepper

    table{width:50%;border:1px solid black}. |\6{background:#ddd}. *ATTRIBUTES*| |Agility|7|Intellect|7|Vitality|35| |Strength|6|Presence|7|Orgone|5| |Tenacity|6|Perception|6|Actions|2/4|

    *Combat:* Dodge 3, Fighting (Wing Chun) 4, Marksman 3

    * …

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