An artificial island in the mid-Pacific that serves as both a restocking point for the Trans-Pacific Express and a logistics base for NEG operations in the North Pacific against the EOD. The Trans-Pacific Express is a vital lifeline for the NEG’s war effort in China against the Rapine Storm. It has connection points at Olympus (Seattle) in North America and Nemuro, Hokkaido, Japan.

The island is currently being converted/absorbed into the Shan Templeship for purposes unknown.

Terminus Station (east) This grand station for the Trans-Pacific Express has been turned into a charnel pit by suborned NEG mecha (2 Broadswords and 1 Glaive). It’s crystalline facades and intricate ceiling lie shattered on the remains of several cargo and passenger maglev trains.

Fort Nishima This NEG military base was the scene of vicious and chaotic infighting as the Shan partially took over command elements. Most of the facilities are inside fullerine domes (geodesics), with submerged domes holding aquatic mecha. Locations here include the Armoury, the Command Centre, the Supply Depot, Barracks, Airport, Defence Towers and a secret underground Bioweapons Lab. It seems the Shan won the battle and several Nazzadi mecha (1 Gale, 1 Tornado and 1 Borealis) patrol the area.

Island Core This area housed most of the more luxurious hotels, apartments and businesses that catered to Trans-Pacific Express travellers, as well as important resupply and refueling facilities for the cargo maglevs. The Island Core has almost completely fused with the multiphasic Shan Templeship and been assimilated into the biomechanical structure of that hideous otherwordly craft. Masses of biomech tubes, tubules, tentacles and underwater cilia extend from the centre and into the 5 branches of 9JO.

West Terminus Exit for westward Japan-bound traffic. Status: partly operational port facility. Rail-line to Japan half-submerged and inoperational. Currently a group of survivors numbering 30-40 has repaired 2-3 boats (2 cruiser yachts and 1 trimaran) and are provisioning them in preparation for escaping 9JO. Unclear whether the craft can survive an oceanic journey. Group lead by a Major Nordin.



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