Army of the Third Eye

The Army is less a cult and more of a weekly meeting of conspiracy theorists, homeless drunks, hobos, released lunatics, repressed middle managers, arcane underground rejects and incompetent sorcerors who share one thing in common: they all believe they’ve been possessed by malignant creatures, spirits or demons (debate rages among them) who stole their memories and their bodies for weird purposes. They want those memories back, and they’re willing to cause great damage to do so because they’ve all been driven partly insane by their experiences.

The Army’s primary belief, and the origin of their name, is that the alien creatures can be removed or warded off by carving a third eye in a person’s forehead. This ward, gruesome though it may be, supposedly protects the recipient from mind invasion. Some members of the cult practice trepanation as an additional prophylactic, with predictably unpleasant results.

In fact, most members of the A3E have at one time or another been briefly inhabited by the Insects from Shaggai, who like to flit from brain to brain to find the most comfortable mental home. These opportunistic and cruel aliens have, in their carelessness, created a force in the A3E that could some day spell their own doom. The Army has in recent years become much more focused and organized under the leadership of Mark Grunwald, whose connections in the military and intelligence services have allowed him to confirm his deepest suspicions and to infiltrate the higher echelons of power.

Under Mark’s guidance the Army of the Third Eye has developed militia-like elements which could be used to perform terrorist attacks or even major assaults on Shan-dominated locations. The suicide-bomb attack on the Sanbourne Institute (which unfortunately got most of the Joint Recovery Team) is one example of their new capabilities. Without Mark’s charisma and contacts the A3E would soon devolve back into the rabble it originally was.

Army of the Third Eye

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