Dhohanoids are evil, otherdimensional, shapeshifting monsters who wear the skin of normal people. They are created by the Rite of Transfiguration, and were originally invented by Children of Chaos researchers within the Chrysalis Corporation’s T99 Division. Dhohanoids have infiltrated human society and now occupy numerous positions of power, executing the mysterious plans of the Director (aka Nyarlathotep).

As official employees of the Chrysalis Corporation, they can rely on their patron’s prestige, money, contacts, government influence and high technology to avoid detection, escape punishment and sow chaos and confusion. Dhohanoids are the blood enemies of Tagers, those sacred warriors of the Eldritch Society.

Dhohanoids come in a variety of horrendous forms and deploy monstrous abilities at their whim. They can partially shapechange, and anyone can be a dhohanoid. Tagers can detect dhos using their life scan power.

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