Eldritch Society

A secret society formed by defectors from the Children of Chaos. The Eldrich Society venerates a collection of alien entities known as the Forgotten Ones and uses rituals translated from the only known record (the Ta’ge Fragments) of these foreign gods to combat the Children of Chaos and prevent the Old Ones from returning to power on Earth.

The Eldritch Society is the only group who knows the Rite of Sacred Union, a magic ritual that bonds a human or nazzadi to an other-dimensional creature to form a Tager, a shapeshifting monster with the heart of a man. The patron saint of the Eldritch Society is Drazet, a minor Forgotten One godling. The Eldritch Society conducts a secret Shadow War against the Chrysalis Corporation and its minions, the Dhohanoids.

Each Tager pack, known among its members as a ‘murder’, is affiliated with:
  • A Lorekeeper, who specializes in Occult lore and secrets pertaining to the Children of Chaos
  • An Operator, who scans the networks for information, collects mission assignments and acts as an overwatch hacker
  • A Trainer, someone who may not be capable of performing Tager missions but can still impart valuable combat expertise to the team during off-hours
  • A Society Sorceror, a specialist in magic whose knowledge of spells is often invaluable in cracking Chrysalis defences or detecting threats
  • A Scanner, or ES parapsychic specialist who assists in interrogation. Most Scanners within the Eldritch Society are used for internal security, to maintain the purity of the ranks and to catch possible infiltrators or rogue elements

Operating in a cell structure with limited resources not every pack has access to all of the above assets.

Eldritch Society

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