House Rules

Orgone is used to activate Tager limit weapons & special abilities, to activate psionic powers and to cast spells. Some creatures can drain Orgone directly.

Orgone Regeneration:
  • 1 per hour of rest
  • 1 per 4 hours of activity
  • 2 per hour of sleep

Sanity replaces Tenacity as the attribute to be rolled for Fear and Insanity tests. Reason: I don’t see how being tough makes you better able to resist insanity. This problem is especially bad with Tagers, as a lot of them have a high Tenacity. Using Sanity as an attribute also creates a “spiral of despair”; the more your Sanity drops, the harder it is for you to resist further insanity. Sanity is rounded up (eg: Sanity 9 = 5 dice).

Added Speed attribute to handle movement differences.
  1. Slow/crawling human, small animal
  2. Normal human
  3. Tager, Bicycle
  4. Ground vehicle 20-60 km/hr, slow mecha
  5. Ground vehicle 60-120 km/hr, normal mecha
  6. Ground vehicle 120-300 km/hr, fast mecha
  7. Helicopter
  8. Turboprop plane
  9. Jet aircraft
  10. Rocket, Spaceship

Each point difference adds +1d to maneuvers, escape, dodge or attack. So if character A with a Speed of 3 tries to hit character B with a Speed of 2, A would get an extra die to hit. Races, as in when one person/vehicle is trying to catch another, are settled using an opposed Athletics test (Piloting test for vehicles), with Speed modifiers as above.

  • Tagers can move at accelerated speeds (see below under Actions). So can Dhohanoids.
  • 2x jump/run/climb/swim: +1d for Athletics tests involving that activity
  • 3x jump/run/climb/swim: +2d for Athletics tests involving that activity
  • Fear factor for Tagers is increased by 4, from a standard 12 to 16
  • Use of limit weapons, if particularly gruesome, invokes a fear test in mortals
  • Tagers cannot detect Dhohanoids while in human form.

Computer hacking utilizes specialized suites of applications to perform specific operations (see Computer Networks file for details).

Experience Points
Per game session 1-10
Spells: Desired Order x 2
Skills: Desired Rating ^ 2
Attributes: Desired Rating x 3
Psionics: Desired Rating x 5

Vitality has only 2 categories: Fine and Wounded (-4 to all actions, occurs at less than half Vitality)

Drama Points regenerate at the end of each adventure, or optionally 1 point for a cool player action

The Vitality/Integrity conversion is x5, not x50. Roll dice as normal, multiply by 5.

Actions per turn: Everybody gets 1 standard action
Martial art or combat piloting skill +1
Tagers/Nephilim/most Dhohanoids +1
Fast mecha like the Nazzadi Tornado +1
Agility 8-12 +1
Agility 13+ +1

House Rules

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