Olympus Arcology

A new, self-contained city half-buried in Mt Rainier in the American Northwest. Those inhabitants of the former cities of Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and Tacoma who survived the first two Arcanotech Wars have moved here. Population 5.5m, 30% Nazzadi.

Locations of Note

  • The Rookery – a secret hidey-hole for the Q Cell Tager pack, somewhere within the venting fumiroles of Mt Rainier. Equipped with state-of-the-art computer and communications equipment, blackout containment cells, training study and sleeping capsules. Current and former residents include: Byte, Scream, Tear and Mr Wolf.
  • Sanbourne Institute – A rather insular think tank engaged in marine biology and other academic studies of a varied type, headed by Dr Nathan Goss.
  • Red Blossom Boulevard – a nightlife district and sexual playland.
  • Greenvine Slumyard – unpleasant top-level part of town, exposed to attack and in deep poverty
  • Armorcorp Heavy Robot Yards – construction factories for various military mecha
  • FSB Von Leuven Building – aka The Scalpel, seat of federal power in Olympus


Olympus Arcology

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