Shan Templeship

The Shan escaped from their doomed planet in massive, bronze-like pyramidal temple-ships which phased through the infinite Worlds of Elements. Several of these ships, guided by providence or the cruel fingers of Nyarlathotep, found their way into Earth’s solar system and finally on Earth, where they were trapped by the properties of our atmosphere.

The templeship buried beneath old Seattle has been integrated into the Great Old One’s architecture of time, and has been counting down to the moment at which events, personages, arcane energies and yes, even the stars, are right. A powerful ritual has allowed the insects to configure a fragment of the mad daemon-sultan Azathoth, the source of cosmic radiation, into a gravity furnace, an impeller of vast dimensional energy. Now the templeship has travelled across the northern Pacific and merged with the core of 9JO, where it is doing something. But what is it’s purpose, and why haven’t the Shan escaped the Earth yet?

Locations in the Templeship

  • Access tubules
  • Influent tanks
  • Anatomical Extraction Section – Examination Chambers
  • Phantasmagoria of Flower View
  • The Geometrid
  • Reconfig. State
  • Resection of Time
  • The Gravity Furnace

Indigenous Life

  • Sea Wasp Nematocysts – sessile coiled hollow thread-like structure
  • Cnidotic mechanoreceptors/chemoreceptors
  • Invidious Honeyguide (shaggai mutualism)
  • Miri Nigri (Anatomical, Adaptician, Creche variants)

Over 30 types of nematocytes are found in different cnidarians. They can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Penetrant: a harpoon-like structure used to penetrate
  2. Glutinant: a sticky surface used to stick to prey
  3. Volvent: a lasso-like string that is fired at prey and wraps around a cellular projection on the prey
  4. Ptychocyst: a special type of nematocyte found on burrowing (tube) anemones, which help create the tube in which the animal lives.


Shan Templeship

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