Task Force Mercury

Special rapid-reaction military-civilian team formed to quickly infiltrate into Anchorage (Juneau) and retrieve a potent artifact which became lost during the Migou conquest of the arcology.

Mission Objectives

  • Retrieve artifact – an Ainu Eater Statuette – from possible location at coastal spaceport
  • Retrieve Dr Wen Song and his assistant, Cindy Wells-Yang, and get information from them re: artifact

Order of Battle

  • Commander of NES Victory – Bill Donnelly, gruff but dependable
  • Commander – Col. Viktor Tabanov, GIA Special Projects Director, trained sorceror
  • XO – Cpt. Klaus Ackerman, NEG Special Operations Forces, 82nd Heavy Recon, Blue Squad
  • Blue Squad Soldiers – Jenner, Ouyang, Pernelli, Roya, Gardez, Taufel, Ward
  • Pilot – 1st Lt. Alexis Lockhart, cold blonde beauty
  • NCO – Sgt Hern Adusha, Nazzadi tough guy
  • Comspec – Patrick “Sparks” Mulligan, friendly arcanotech
  • GIA Research – 1st Lt. Laura Briggs, average but inexperienced
  • GIA GhOST – Lt. Heather Dering, battle-ready commando

Potential Target Locations

  • Ashcroft Archives facility – largest digital processing mass, possible source of info
  • Toha Heavy Industries – large port-side mecha and vehicle manufacturing plant
  • Polaris Spaceport – transportation hub, possible site of last defenders
  • ??? – others as detected

Task Force Mercury

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