The Arcane Underground

Not a specific organization as such, the Arcane Underground is the name of the black market dealing in all things occult-related, from mystic spells to illegal tomes to slaves and alchemical reagents. The more innocuous elements of the AU, such as the reagents trade, are tolerated by NEG internal security, but the Office of Internal Security (InSec) uses them to keep an eye on the more dangerous parts, such as the occult book trade, spell repositories and slave exchanges.

The Arcane Underground is slightly different in each arcology, in some places a loose association of occultists (Olympus) in others a tool of the local mafia (Torino), while in some places it even operates as a corrupt branch of the military (Shanghai). The network relies on chains of contacts, free agent stalls, independent bookshops, unregulated midnight bazaars, grey market auction houses, anonymous banks and hacker collectives to reach customers and distribute product.

Tattooed Tony is a well-known occult book dealer, but he mostly keeps his hands clean and many suspect him of informing for InSec.

Vincent Forsythe is a well-known magician-for-hire within the AU, and the services he has contributed to the NEG has allowed him some leeway as to what he can offer to his clients beyond the strict boundaries of the law.

The Arcane Underground

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