CthulhuTech - Once Were Men

Unto the Breach, My Tagers

Through the Looking-Membrane

After injecting the subversive Shoggoth Matrix into the Templeship, the team still had an angry Gale powered armour to deal with. The smoke screen made things difficult but eventually Sweep managed to cut into it with his eye beam and Byte’s needles inflicted enough damage to the pilot that the Insect controlling him decided to high-tail it out of there. At that moment the trap was sprung and our heroes captured a Shan inside a Box of Light.

Returning to the Professor they noticed the sounds of battle coming from Terminus Station. Scouting around, Byte saw that a new train had arrived, with air and artillery support. An assault force of NEG mecha was storming the island from the East, but getting mashed by the Shan-controlled defenders. Apparently the NEG hadn’t quite figured out what was going on, but was applying excessive force regardless. When the team was strafed and bombed by several Werewolf assault dropships they decided to flee through the dimensional membrane straight into the hideous techno-organic bowels of the Templeship itself.

On the other side their little world was immediately cast upside-down, literally. Gravity was reversed, as was force-momentum and acceleration, and it took quite a lot of skill to adjust to it. The experiece is so unsettling that both the Professor and Sweep become emotionally upset. Entering a huge spherical chamber our intrepid Tagers found a desk and a wooden anatomical dummy in several pieces. The walls of this place are made from a smoky-black semi-transparent material that looks like glass but feels like skin. Floating around in the new environment they attract the attention of a Miri Nigri, a creature that looks like a lot of giant leeches stuck together, with six darkling eyes concealed in its chest cavity. The thing spoke to them and then tried to vivisect Sweep. Fighting back, the team managed to overcome it (Glass’s freezing touch seems to have congealed it thoroughly), but not before Sweep’s intestines were removed and his whole body split into two parts!

Strangely, Sweep is alive and feels quite well, but his disjointed body pieces are look quite frightening to the rest of the group, and neither Tavia nor the Professor seem to be taking things well, unaccustomed as they are to the weird world of the Mythos.

What strange vistas will our anti-heroes encounter next?

Xp: 5 for Wes, 4 for Drew.



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