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CthulhuTech is a game that combines aspects of dark sci-fi, Lovecraftian horror, cyberpunk and mecha with anime tropes from shows such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Guyver and Robotech. Although a large part of the inspiration for the game is derived from anime, the presentation is definitely not. For an introduction to the game, visit and download the quick-start rules. You can also visit the discussion forums.

Herein you’ll find information about my personal CthulhuTech world, the House Rules, descriptions of found items, locations and objectives, as well as hidden secrets and forbidden lore from a time when Mythos monsters ruled the Earth. In the meantime you can also explore the brand new CthulhuTech wiki created by Jurgen Hubert (and filled in by yours truly). To avoid duplication I’ll be posting a lot of canon material for the game in the official wiki, and non-canon campaign details related to Once Were Men here.



  • Skill List – custom list, about half the skills in the Core Book
  • House Rules – with some rule clarifications as well
  • Networks – computers, networks, hacking and limited AIs in the Strange Aeon
  • Objectives – list of player objectives


  • 9JO – an artificial island in the mid-Pacific connecting North America to Japan
  • Olympus Arcology – a geocity half-buried in Mt Rainier. Base of operations for Q Cell.
  • Old Seattle – the ruins of an old pre-NEG city located in the American northwest.
  • Shan Templeship – a trilateral pyramid made of techno-organics piloted by the Insects from Shaggai

General World Information

  • World Map – showing territory controlled by each faction.
  • Esoteric Order of Dagon – control coasts of US, Brazil, Africa, w. Europe, Pacific, Iceland
  • New Earth Government – control North America, South America, western Europe, western Asia, Africa
  • The Rapine Storm – control southeast asia from northern India to n. Australia, China, central Asia, eastern Europe
  • Migou Territory – control areas around the northern and southern poles, Canada, Russia, Scandinavia



  • Insects from Shaggai – baleful mind-possessing multi-phasic creatures from the planet Shaggai
  • Deep Ones – aquatic humanoids who like to interbreed with humans to replenish their armies
  • migou – crustacean/insect/fungus creatures from Yuggoth (Pluto) who have invaded the Earth
  • Shoggoth – black, iridescent congeries of inky, all-consuming blackness
  • Dhohanoids – shapeshifting monsters who wear the skin of humans as a disguise and worship Nyarlathotep
  • Elder Things – unknown



  • Red Raincoats
  • Oddiofiles


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